The Innermost Room video - segment 

Recorded in Transylvania, Romania.

The Innermost Room

This video is part of a larger concept and installation based on the theme of HOME. I traveled back home (to Romania, Transylvania) and visited a small village. I asked if I can set up a table and break bread in one of the 'clean rooms' traditionally reserved for storing and displaying valuable hand made objects. This room, frozen in time, became my performance space and the basis for the Installation Art piece. 



This video is a painting in motion, a simple project about passing of time. I am interested in the 'seductive' image of the seemingly dirty hand and its' story. 


Video Installation -

Moving images of my childhood projected on a curtain of cornmeal. 


Video, 2012

Preserving the fruit by coating them with a clear wood varnish. 

The bald eagle project

Video installation - Excerpt

Recorded in St. Louis. 

Untitled (Work in Progress)

Appropriation based on the Hollywood movie Misery (Stephen King's novel)