Wonder bread sewn together into a full loaf. Breaking of the bread is a gesture of coming together as a family, as a community and sharing a meal together. It is also associated with home made meals and the labor of cooking and preparing food. Wonder bread, an invention for convenience is pre-sliced, cheap and ready to eat. My sculpture 'Broken' was created with a number of hours sewing the bread slices together referencing the labor of preparing a meal. Sewing is also the gesture of 'fixing' something that broke or has been ripped, cut apart.   

Postcard project


The object

The postcard

The postcard

A lamp. A box, with a 2 inch circle cut in the middle. 


The postcard

The postcard

The postcard

In the box there is a 3D postcard with a tiny house and some people. 


The action

The postcard

The action

The audience was invited to try to touch the tiny house in the box. Because of an optical illusion, a reflection of the house was formed inside the box so the audience was unable to touch the objects. 

This work was exhibited temorarily in the Alsdorf Gallery of the Art Institute of Chicago (in the summer of 2013, for the Womans board gala). The piece was installed in front of a large window and the image was printed on a semi-seethrough canvas. With the help of a graphic designer, we removed the front two characters of the famous painting Rainy Day in Paris (French Rue de Paris, temps de pluie) a large 1877 oil painting by the French artist Gustave Caillebotte and used two actors to walk of the ledge of the window as if they would be part of the image. 


Portrait of Home

Installation view of the project: Portrait of Home no. 4. In the gallery, I created a life size version of the facade of my home in Romania and used foam board to carve out the details such as the windows and door frame. This object became the projection surface for my video piece: Portrait of Home no. 4

'I am here'

I was interested in the warmth of the human body and the comfort it gives us in an intimate interaction. In order to re-create this warmth without another body being present, I inserted a heated wire in a concrete block, spelling out the words: 'I am here".

My inspiration came from a very well known Hungarian folk tale: Kőműves Kelemen (Bricklayer Kelemen). Originating in the 16th century, there are several versions of this tale, with minor differences. The central character – a stonemason named Kőműves Kelemen – finds that the castle he’s trying to build keeps falling down, and is forced to sacrifice his beloved wife and mix her remains into the mortar in order to make the castle stand. This is a reference familiar to almost any Hungarian reader, but clearly not obvious to the non-Hungarian. 


Dried wonder bread

White, wheat, pumpernickel 



The audience was invited to walk on the carpet. 



The footsteps created a loud crackling sound.