The Bald Eagle project

I recorded a bald eagle observing its surroundings while balancing on a moving surface. This video is the center of the performance piece documented above. 

The structure seen on the image in the middle of the space is filled with fine sand. Throughout the durational performance piece, I am continuously filling up the top part of the structure with sand to 'keep the projected image alive'. The video piece can only be seen if I provide the projection surface, this fragile, ever changing sheet of sand, similar to a waterfall.    

Bona Fide

The images above are documentation of a durational performance and interactive installation piece. I built a bridge- like structure and placed it at the entrance of the gallery. On the bridge there were 7 nude figures with their hair on the ground. The audience had to negotiate the space on this narrow bridge in order to not trip on the bodies.   

Dinner Performance

I invited two people to have dinner together. The table top is sitting on a mechanism that behaves as a seesaw. The two participants start with the same amount of food so the table top is balanced. Throughout the meal, they have to negotiate with each other and collaborate as they eat at the same time and the same amount of food. If one of them eats faster or more, the table will move out of balance and the food will slide down leaving both participants hungry.    


This work has multiple variations. First performed at the Watermill Center benefit gala (South Hampton, NY) this work is about a couple who is literally attached together through a garment and can not get away or get close to each other because of it. The performance piece depicts the humor, struggles and intimate moments of this couple without hope. 

Video documentation: