The Innermost Room project

Video, Installation Art, Performance

'The Innermost room' project is a fluid work, with many variations. Depending on the venue, one can view this work as a  site specific installation, a performance art project or a single channel video. 

Exhibition history: 

School of The Art Institute of Chicago, 

Defibrillator Gallery/ Chicago, IL 

Edgewood College, Madison, WI

Grace Exhibition Space, New York, NY 


I traveled back home (to Romania, Transylvania) and visited a small village. I asked if I can set up a table and break bread in one of the 'clean rooms' traditionally reserved for storing and displaying valuable hand made objects. This room, frozen in time, became my performance space and the basis for the Installation Art piece. 


I revisited my earliest memories of Home. Other than some memories of the actual building, I automatically thought of language as home, of certain colors and motifs as home, and certain sounds as home. The Innermost Room -project captures the literal site, an actual location, but most importantly an allegorical site grounded in the customs and traditions, mythology and folklore one is growing up with. No matter of space or time, this home is deeply imbedded in me and is part of the core  fabric  of my identity.    

Documentation of the performance and installation view at the Art Institute of Chicago.   

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